I Am The Tiger


One day in the middle of forest, a tiger died after giiving birth to her baby. Not long after that, a crowd of sheep passed by. The sheep's mother stopped by and looked at the helpless tiger baby. Having looked at the poor condition, the inner heart of the sheep called to protect him. The she approached the newborn tiger hugged it. Feeling the warmth and protection given the sheep, the little tiger followed wherever she went.

In the next day, the little tiger lived together with all the sheep. Every singgle day he was bread fed by the sheep mother, played with the other sheep, ate and drank like a sheep. Even the little tiger spoke like a sheep and he felt he was part of the sheep.

One day somewhere, unexpectedly this crowd of sheep suddenly scattered into small groups running around. what was going on? Apparenly, they were scared and felt threatened since there was a big straving tiger was running  into their direction. Each and every single sheep was trying to save himself, including this little tiger. Seeing that there was one small tiger among the group, the hunting tiger was astonished. The big tiger roared  loudly and shouted to the little tiger."He, you little tiger...Stop running...why are you running?Don't run!!stop"":.

And yet this little tiger disobeyed the intrustion and keep on running away following the rest of the group. The big hunting tiger run towards the little tiger and finally sucessfully cought him."Why are you running with them?you are not sheep! You are tiger..just like me!" said the big tiger."Now way, I am not tiger...I am just a lamb...just like them..!" The little shouted and shrank himself to escape. He was struggeling hard to free from his grip.

The hunting tiger just could not believe what he just heard. The little tiger seemed to have a little problem acepting who he really was. And to prove his words he brought the little tiger into clear pond, forced him to look into the water. Soon as he saw his own refeflection, he was really stunned."woow...,I am a tiger..Iam a tiger, Iam not a sheep..."He whispered to him self.

Soon after he realized the truth, his basic animal instinct revive. He turn his head around and looked at the hunting tiger roaring loud pronouncing his satisfaction and victory. The little tiger as then started to imetate the big hunting tiger's attitude. Filled with all confidence and pride her roared end lessly...prouning,"I am a tiger...I am not sheep...Iam the king of the jungle...I am the ruler of the jungle!!"

The valuabe massage from the above story is that : in undergoing our life, most of time we work without great spirit, all done as usual. The disability to know our real inner selves result in disability to develop the best potenciest we have, unable to set the target and purposes of life. and aven if we do have dreams, without knowing our true self all those dreams will only live shortly. Struggling withou knowing our own true self and without having confidence is a strugle without destination and therefore it will be easily swayed by temptation and hindraces. (taken form Andrie Wongso)

Knowing your true self through the potenciest that are in herent each of us.
Have courage to set down your goals.
Have faith and confidence that you can be successful!
Just like the little tiger that finally finds his true essense.
Have courage to fight and realize yours!

English can make you do all you want to be"

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