Syarly is a Midwifery student. She is in a book store looking for an anatomy book. She meets Falih, her old friend in Junior High School.
Sherly  : hallo, you’re Falih aren’t you?
Falih    : I’m sorry. Do I know you?
Sherly  : Yes, of course you know me. I’m Sherly, your friend in Junior High. Do you remember me?
Falih    : Oh, Sherly,is it you? You have change a lot, look at you know! You used to be a bit fat. But now you’re such slim girl and you’re much taller than I thought.
Sharly  : Yes, I have been trying hard to control my weight since I was in the Senior High School, up till now and I think I’ve been succeed.
Falih    : Yes, you’ve definitely changed, and I almost didn’t recognize you. How are you Sherly? It’s been such a long time.
Sherly  : I’m good Falih. Thank you. It’s really nice to meet you here Falih, and how are you?
Falih    : I’m fine, thanks, it’s really nice to see you too Sharly. Where are you studying now?
Sherly  : I’m studying in a midwifery Program of a Health College near by here. Do you know STIKES Paguwarmas?
Falih    : Oh everybody knows that great college.
Sherly  : How about you? Where do you study now? I still remember, when we were classmates, you always told me many times that you wanted to be doctor one day.
Falih    : Yes definitely and I have been trying hard for that, and now I am studying in Medical Faculty of Gajah Mada University Jogjakarta. Hopefully I can graduate soon and I can work in a hospital and have my own clinic. I also plan to continue my study after that as I want to be surgeon.
Sherly  : Well, that sounds like a great plan. I really hope you can make to it real Falih.
Falih    : Thank you Sherly, Aamiin. So you’re going to be a midwife Sharly? That’s terrific.
Sherly  : Thank you, I do really hope I can be good midwife. I think it is really challenging and great job for me.
Falih    : It is a great job Sherly.
Sherly  : Yeah it is.

Midwife          : Have you come to an obstetrician before you come here?
Mrs. Zuly        : Yes, when I missed my period, I did the pregnancy test on my home, it’s positive and then I come to an obstetrician to check.
Midwife          : Do you remember when the first day of your last menstruation period is?
Mrs. Zuly        : Yes, if I am not mistaken, it was on 7 April.
Midwife          : So have you known how to count how many weeks you have been pregnant now?
Mrs. Zuly        : I have no idea, but the last time when I come to see the obstetrician last month, the doctor said that my pregnancy had been 4 weeks. I took a USG test that time.
Midwife          : Do you know you due Date of bird?
Mrs. Zuly        : I am not quite sure, the doctor said it will be on next January.
Midwife          : Alright, now tell you how to count the expected delivery date. For example, lets us take the first day of your last period April 7. Add consequent seven days, 7 April plus 7 days so it will be on April 14, and further add 9 calendar months. Your expected date of giving birth is January 14 in a normal case.
Mrs. Zuly        : I will delivery my baby on January 14 next year in normal case.
Midwife          : Yes, exactly, but many women have given birth one or two weeks earlier than the expected delivery date or the contrary.
Mrs. Zuly        : Ok, I hope mine will be in a normal case so I can make everything well prepared.
Midwife          : Yes I hope so, but the baby is already mature and it is her complete development stage when it has been at least 38 weeks. Is it your pregnancy?
Mrs. Zuly        : Yes, exactly, this is my first pregnancy. I am so happy.
Midwife          : Well, now I need to know your preferred placed of birth, will it be family birth center, hospital or your home?
Mrs. Zuly        : Well prefer in birth center.
Midwife          : It will need a back up for the nearest hospital then. Do you have any complaints now?
Mrs. Zuly        : Well, I feel like always want to throw up get dizzy. I barely eat any food lately, and what I eat is always thrown up and I feel like I do not want to eat. It is worst especially in the morning.
Midwife          : That’s what we call morning sickness. It’s a common thing that happens during the first trimester of pregnancy. So how is it now? DO you still have morning sickness?
Mrs. Zuly        : Yes Midwife Tina, I still have that morning sickness. It is normal?
Midwife          : Yes It is. It will be over after you have your second trimester. Are you currently taking any medication?
Mrs. Zuly        : No
Midwife          : Alright, let me check your vital signs Mrs. Zuly, I will check your blood pressure, temperature and respiration rate, and your pulse.
Mrs. Zuly        : Ok
Midwife          : First of all, roll your sleeve up please? I will measure your blood pressure.
Mrs. Zuly        : Alright, like this?
Midwife          : Yes, that’s right….Well your BP is 90/60, you have low blood pressure.
Mrs. Zuly        : Really? Oh yeah, I feel really week now and I feel like I am going to have a fever. I have less sleep lately because I need to finish many office jobs.
Midwife          : You have to be aware of anemia. Take extra vitamin B and eat more nutritious food Mrs. Zuly. I think you need more rest and sleep.
Mrs. Zuli         : It is hard for me to take any pills and to have meals, but I will do that. This is for the sake of my baby to be.
Midwife          : Exactly Mrs. Zuly. You have to eat more. You can eat little but often so you will not get easily throw up. Now please put this thermometer in your arm pit, wait for some minutes.
Mrs. Zuly        : Alright.
Midwife          : It’s 34o C, Now let me have your wrist please. Your pulse is 80/minutes. Now please stand on this scale…Ok, It’s 55 kg. ok now have seat down please.
Mrs. Zuly        : Thank you.

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