Bosan dengan belajar di dalam kelas?
Pk 07.00 s/d 13.30 bahkan lebih waktu yang di gunakan untuk belajar di sekolah membuat jenuh siswa. Kegiatan sekolah formal dilakukan setiap hari selama  12 Th, terdiri dari SD 6 Th, SMP 3 Th, SMA 3 Th, belum lagi jika tidak naik kelas ..woooww di jamin lama”. Dan itu di lakukan mayoritas di dalam kelas sehingga membuat siswa jenuh tapi harus di lakukan.
Untuk itu Bimbel Cendika Cilacap menawakan pembelajaran di luar kelas, pembelajaran di lakukan di atas atap dengan pembelajaran based on the nature. Siswa dapat melihat pemandangan di atas gedung dengan tumbuhan dan bunga – bunga di sebelahnya yang membuat siswa nyaman dalam belajar.Semoga program ini dapat menambahkan minat belajar siswa.
Jl. Anggrek Kav.3b Sidakaya, Cilacap Selatan, Cilacap, Jawa Tengah

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I.     Choose the correct answer by crossing (x) a, b, c or d!

       1.      They go to medical ward. Change to simple present continuous tense form …
a.       They went to medical ward.
b.      They are going to medical ward.
c.       They goes to medical ward.
d.      They gone to medical ward now.
e.       They were to medical ward now.
      2.      Ssssss! Don’t be noise! A baby … sleeping!
a.       were
b.      was
c.       is
d.      am
e.       are
       3.      After graduating from Paguwarmas Academy, Destriani directly got job to be a midwife at Fatimah  Hospital. So now, she …
a.       was having a midwife job
b.      is having a midwife job
c.       am having a midwife job
d.      were having a midwife job
e.       are having a midwife job
        4.      I … meet you last nigh in Aouliatu’s birthday party
a.       don’t
b.      doesn’t
c.       didn’t
d.      was
e.       were
        5.      Five o’clock in the morning can be shown as digital time as …
a.       05. 10 am
b.      05. 15 pm
c.       05. 01 am
d.      05. 00 am
e.       05. 00 pm
       6.      A half to eight can be shown as digital time as …
a.       8. 30 am
b.      8. 15 am
c.       8. 30 pm
d.      7. 15 pm
e.       7. 30 pm
      7.      A quarter to four can be shown as digital time as …
a.       3. 45
b.      4. 15
c.       3. 15
d.      4. 45
e.       3. 10
      8.      Twenty past seven can be shown as digital time as …
a.       7. 30
b.      7. 20
c.       7. 12
d.      7. 13
e.       7. 11
      9.      How many hours in a half day?
a.       Twenty five hours
b.      Twenty four hours
c.       Twelve hours
d.      Teen hours
e.       Five hours
     10.  How many hours in full day?
a.       Twenty five hours
b.      Twenty four hours
c.       Twelve hours
d.      Teen hours
e.       Five hours
     11.  What time we usually hear Adzan for having prayer (dhuhur)?
a.       Five o’clock pm
b.      Five o’clock am
c.       Twelve o’clock pm
d.      A half ten am
e.       A half ten pm
The text is for number 59 – 62
Medical care
Last week, I suddenly became really sick, and I was feeling a great deal of pain in my side, so my father rushed me to the emergency room at the nearest hospital. I started feeling a strong pain in my side, and there wasn't any sign that I was getting better. We didn't feel that we needed to call an ambulance because we lived so close to the hospital. When we arrived, my dad helped me into the emergency room, and the doctor on duty realized I had appendicitis. I was quickly admitted to the hospital. A nurse took my vital signs (blood pressure, temperature, and pulse) while my dad filled out all the necessary paperwork. Soon thereafter, I was prepared for emergency surgery. The surgery didn't last that long, but I felt sore afterwards.
      12.  Why they didn’t call an ambulance?
a.       Because they lived near by the hospital.
b.      Because they didn’t like using an ambulance.
c.       They didn’t have much money.
d.      They like take a walk
e.       Because they have a car
        13.  Why the writer went to the hospital?
a.       Because the writer need medicine
b.      Because the writer was sick
c.       Visiting a sister in hospital
d.      Trip
e.       Vocation
       14.  What is the name of the writer sick?
a.       Appendicitis
b.      Appendix
c.       Appear
d.      Approval
e.       Approach
        15.  When we arrived, my dad helped me into the emergency room…(line 4)
The bolt word we rifer to ….
a.       Nurse and doctor
b.      Nurse
c.       Doctor
d.      The writer and Dad
e.       The writer

The text is for number 55 – 60
Visiting a Patient in the Hospital
There are many different types of people who want to visit a patient who is staying in the hospital. Some are permitted while others aren’t. As a good nurse, you must handle this situation in good care. You must be able to provide good and brief explanation to the visitors to prevent anger or argue between you and the visitors. Always remember to put customer’s satisfaction at the first place, instead of your ago or saying emotional statements who keeps them away from the hospital.
         16.  Why should hospital limit the time to visit patient?
a.       To avoid stealing or robbing
b.      To make the hospital crowded by many people
c.       To make silent area inside the hospital
d.      To make sure that patients has many times to have rest
e.       To get much money from visitor
         17.  What should a nurse do if visitor force to visit patients, although patients must have many tome to rest?
a.       Provided good and brief explanation to the visitors
b.      Chase away the visitor directly
c.       Ask much money to the visitors if they want to visit patient
d.      Angry to the visitor
e.       Let the visitor to have rest with the patient
        18.  Why should a nurse provide good and brief explanation to the visitor?
a.       To make sure that the visitor go away from hospital
b.      To have much money
c.       To have break time to chat the visitor
d.      To prevent anger or argue between you and the visitor
e.       To teach the visitors how to be good visitor
        19.  What suitable places do you suggest to the visitors who want to visit patients, but patients must stile have to take rest?
a.       Parking area
b.      Surgical ward
c.       Lobby
d.      Patient room
e.       Pharmacy
        20.  Here is perhaps some of the visitor, expect?
a.       Partner
b.      Family
c.       Neighbor
d.      Robber
e.       Friend

The text is for number 21 –2
            Choose with the correct words!

            Marly (68) …….. in surgical ward in a Cilacap hospital. Marly (69)……… shift work, so she does not go to work at the same time everyday. When she is on an early shift, she goes on duty at 7 a.m. and comes off at 3 p.m. late shift start at 2 p.m. and finish at 10 p.m., Marly does not like late shift. Marly always goes to work by bus when she is on early shift. The bus stops outside the out – patient department. When she in on a late shift, Marly (70) ……… from her home to Hospital. When she comes off duty at 10 p.m., she usually rather tired, and she (71) ………  the bus home. Sometimes she goes to the taxi-rank outside the main entrance of the hospital and goes home by taxi.
          21.  a. works
           b. worker
           c. job
           d. profession
           e. nurse
          22.  a. do
          b. does
          c. did
          d. was
          e. were
2        23.  a. run
         b. running
         c. walks
         d. walkes
         e. walking
          24.  a. took
          b. taken
          c. tooks
          d. takes
          e. take
           25.  2/5, translate in English…
a.       Two over five
b.      Two five
c.       Five two
d.      Two equal five
e.       Two same with five
           26.  3 x 500 mg, translate in English…     
a.       Three fifth hundred milligrams
b.      Three five hundred milligrams
c.       Fifth three hundred milligrams
d.      Three five hundred
e.       Fifth three hundred
           27.  5.60, translate in English …
a.       Five point six
b.      Five over sixty
c.       Five point sixty
d.      Five divided sixty
e.       Five sixty
            28.  4 : 2, translate in English …
a.       Five point two
b.      Four point two
c.       Four same with two
d.      Four divided two
e.       Four equal two
          29.   7 x 4, translate in English ….
a.       Seven point four
b.      Seven equal four
c.       Seven over four
d.      Seven same with four
e.       Seven times four
          30.  Before ... to bed, I set the alarm clock to ring at six.
a.       to go                                    
b.      go
c.       I going                                  
d.      Went
e.       gone
        31.  Father : Why do you get home late, Son?
         Soni    : To attend the burial of Atok's grandma.
Father : ... is she burried?
           Soni    : In the "Wijayabrata cemetery."
a.       When                                    
b.      Who
c.       Where                                  
d.      What
e.       whose
         32.  The man ... the red jacket is my uncle.
           a. on                                         
           b. in
           c. at                                          
           d. under
           e. above
           33.   There ... a cinema and a hospital in this street.
           a. is                                            
           b. be
           c. are                                          
           d. were
           e. will
          34.  In big cities there are many ..., especially in the rush hours, from seven to eight in the morning and  from seven to eight in the morning and from one p.m. to three p.m.
          a.  pollutions                             
          b. fly over
          c. traffic jams                            
          d. traffic-accidents
          e. attack
             35.   Ani  : Have you finished doing your English assignment?
            Ina   : Yes, I have.
            Ani  : May I borrow it?
            Ina   : I'm sorry ... now.
     a. I will get my brother to check it
            b. I am having my brother to check it
            c. I will check my brother
a.       Will I
b.      I will have my brother to check it
            36.  The operator asked Rasmini's sister if .. knew where to reach Rini.
a. her                                                  
c. He
b. She                                                 
d. Him
e. them 
            37.   If I ... you, I would buy a new car.
a. were                                                 
b. Am
c. was                                                  
d. had been
e. had
           38.  ... you tell me the way to Paguwarmas hospital?
            a. would                                            
            b. could                    
            c. shall                                                
            d. did
            e. may
            39.  Which one is not correct?
a. Our son lives in a large Capital city? Ah! That will be Jakarta.
b. If you like spicy food, you will try a Mexican restaurant.
c. My daughter is two years old, and whatever you ask she will always answer "no".
d. My old car will barely go eighty kilometers per hour.
e. She went to Jakarta yesterday.
            40.  Which of the following sentence is true..
a.       Nurse takes care a students
b.      Teacher is a noun
c.       A patient need some help
d.      Dermatologist is a nurse
e.       Dentis is a widwife

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