Tugas Mahas Siwa  Sem I STT Migas Cilacap
Artikel tentang Perminyakan
(Di buat dalam dua bahasa,Bahasa Inggris dan Bahasa Indonesia)
Nama :...................
NIM  : ..................
Judul Artikel : ...............................................

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Jl.Anggrek kv 3b Cilacap
Matter code 002                                                            Date :                                                                      
I.     Answer by crossing a, b c or d!
The dialog for number 1 - 3
Anisa               : I want to …. (1) a pocket dictionary
Mahmud          : A bilingual dictionary?
Anisa               : Yes, it is
Mahmud          : Here is a new pocket dictionary. English - Indonesian and Indonesian - English
Anisa               : Well, may I have a see?
Mahmud          : Yes, please
Anisa               : I will take this dictionary. How ….(2) is it?
Mahmud          : Just fifty five thousand rupiah.
Anisa               : How about fifty thousand, I have not enough money.
Mahmud          : It is OK
Anisa               : Here is the ….(3).
Mahmud          : Would I wrap it, sir?
Anisa               : Yes, please.
Mahmud          : Here is the dictionary, sir.
Anisa               : Thank you.
Mahmud          : You're welcome.
1.      a. need       b. want                        c. buy              d. buying
2.      a. many      b. much           c. money          d. long
3.      a. many      b. much           c. money          d. long
4.      Ida             : Novi, I want to introduce Pradas to you. Nov, this is Pradas.
Novi          : How do you do?
Pradas        : ….
a. Fine                                c. I’m fine, thank you
b. How do you do?           d. How are you?
5.       Anin         : I’m Anin.
Ida            : …. I’m Ida.
a. How do you do?       c. How are you?
b. Good morning          d. What’s your name?
6.      Nisa           : Hello Zuli
Zuli            : Hi Mis……….
Zisa            : Fine, thanks. And you?
Zuli            : Very well, thanks.
a. How do you do?           c. How are you?
b. Nice to meet you           d. How is the weather?
7.      Cendika     : I’m going to sleep now.
Bob            : OK. .
a. Good n ight                   c. Bye
b. Goodbye                       d. Good evening
8.       The boys ... reading.
a. is                                    c. are
b. am                                  d. Sit
9.      There …..many books.
a. Is                                    c. are
b. Am                                d. Go
10.  Novi          : How old is Mr. Aan?
Mr.Aan       : ............twenty seven years old.
a.       I am                             c. She is
b.       He is                            d. They are

II.  Think of three more questions you would ask when getting to know somebody?
a) ___________________________________
b) ___________________________________
c) ___________________________________
a) ___________________________________
b) ___________________________________
c) ___________________________________
a) ___________________________________
b) ___________________________________
c) ___________________________________

Instructor    : Hi _______________, how are you today?
Student         : I’m alright thanks. Do you have a moment? There’s something I’d like talk to you to you about.
Instructor    : Sure, how can I help you?
Student         : Well, I’m really unhappy about the grade that I received in your English class, and I’d like to see if it is possible to get a raise.
Instructor    : I see. Why do you think you deserve a grade raise?
Student         : I know that I didn’t do very well on my mid-term and final exam, but that’s because I get really nervous. I think that I’m a better English speaker than my exam score indicates.
Instructor      :  Yes, I can tell your English is better today than it was during the exam, but unfortunately there is nothing I can do. Other students get nervous as well, so it would be unfair to them to grant you a grade raise, but not them. I hope you understand.

                               a)      Make 10 question and answer based on the text above!
                               b)      Change to text/story

IV.             Makes a dialog between English teacher and student about their plan go to camping
V.  Change to Indonesia
Education is an important thing for develop ourself. Education is the tool for progress someone to be success. If we want to be success person. We have to looking for a knowledge as much as possible.  Therefore, we as adult must adjust ourself with the surrounding environment, and norms, values, customs, and ethics in the society. Adolescence is a period of transition between childhood to adulthood.

At the time of development, teens start demand to be given the opportunity put his own opinion, like tell of his feelings. Then, teens also can rebelious because he feels that he is not a kid anymore. Usually, teenagers have much admired, but his attitude is not always negative. Teens are also interested in peer groups, seeking attention in the environment, the emotions that an overabundance and physical growth changes rapidly

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