TP 2013/2014
Chose the correct answer, a, b, c or d!
1.      What do you do?
a.       I’m sailor               c. I’m fine thanks
b.      My job is a sailor   d. how do you do
2.      Do you like apples?
a.       Yes, I really like it c. yes I really like they
b.      Yes I really like her           d. yes, I really like them
3.      What …you doing tonight?....staying in.
a.       Is, me                     c. do, are
b.      Are, I’m                 d. are, is
4.      What are you doing … nine o clock?
a.       In                           c. on
b.      At                          d. no
5.      Arrange to the right sentences!
a.       Are you doing after the lesson?
b.      Are you the lesson after doing?
c.       What are you doing after the lesson?
d.      What are you the lesson after doing?
The text is for number 6 – 7
The Dinosaurus Museum
Do you like old bones?
Hundreds of Dinosaurus on d display. Open everyday from 10 a.m. to 6p.m. (Rp. 5000) Special talk by Professor Budiosaurus: “Hoe do we know?” Wed 8th at 5p.m
6.      What time does Dinosaurus Museum open?
a.       10p.m                    c. 6p.m
b.      11p.m                    d. 7p.m
7.      Can you go to the Dinosaurus on Saturday?
a.       No, you can’t         c. yes, you can’t
b.      No, you can                       d. yes, you can
8.      He never …..girls at the cinema, but he ….a beautiful girl called Tina at the party.
a.       Meet, met               c. Meet, meet
b.      Met, meet               d. met, met
9.      He ….look at me when he arrived last Friday.
a.       Don’t                     c. weren’t
b.      Didn’t                    d. wasn’t
10.  I bought some flowers … was my mother’s birthday yesterday.
a.       So                          c. and
b.      Because                 d. but
11.  Why did you ….lonely?
a.       Feeling                   c. feel
b.      Feels                      d. felt
The text is for number 12-16
My first memory
My first memory is of my firs day at school in Jakarta thirty years ago. It was the day I meet my friend Penny. We were both four years old. I was very unhappy (12)…….. I didn’t have my mother with me. Panny gave me a red pencil and we become friends straight away. We were together nearly everyday until we were twelve years old. I was very lucky to have a friend like her.
Then, Penny went to University to study architecture (13)……… I didn’t. I got married (14) ……. I was eighteen and have a children. She studied for seven years and had a lot of new friends, I didn’t see Penny very often. Sometimes I didn’t see her for year. She was busy with her studies (15) ……….. I was very busy with my children but we often talk on the phone.
            Now, she married and she lives near me. My children are not babies any more (16) ……… I have time to study. I’m studying to be a teacher. We see each other nearly every day. I help her with her baby and she helps me study.
12.  a. Because       b. but           c.  when          d.  and
13.  a. but                b. when       c. and              d. so
14.  a. when            b. and      c. so               d. because
15.  a. and             b. so              c. because      d. but
16.  a. so                  b. because   c. but               d. when 
17.  Which  one is the correct sentences?
a.       What is you wearing?
b.      What are you wearing?
c.       What you wearing?
d.      What you are wearing
18.  There is …… milk in the fridge.
a.       Some                         c. any
b.      many                                     d. an


19.  LKP Cendika is ………Lippo Bank and Dafam Hotel
a.       On the right               c. opposite
b.      Between                    d. next to
20.  Rita Dept Store is ……Shoe Shop
a.       On the left                 c. between
b.      On the right               d. next to

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