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Jl. Anggrek No 3 Cilacap

Tgl    Oktober 2013
TP. 2013/2014
KELAS          : IV

I.        I.   Choose the correct answer by crossing a, b, c or d ! 

1.      Teacher            : How are you?
Students          : ...
a.         Afternoon
b.         Night
c.         I am fine
d.        Nice to meet you
2.      Andi    : Good morning Alya.
Alya     : Good ..., Andi.
a.         Morning
b.         Evening
c.         Afternoon
d.        Night
3.      “Sampai jumpa di lain waktu”. In English is ...
a.       Good bye
b.      See you next time
c.       Very well
d.      Thank you
4.      Arrange this letter!
Your- name- What- is- ?
a.       What is your name?
b.      Is what name your?
c.       What name your is?
d.      Name what is your?
5.         A: How do you do?
B: ...
a.    I am fine
b.    Thank you
c.    How are you
d.   How do you do
6.         Teacher            : Listen to me!
Students          : ....., Mom.
a.    Sorry
b.    Thank you
c.    All right
d.      See you
7.        A: Ok students ... the book on page 29!
B: Ok, Sir.
a.       Sit
b.      Open
c.       Close
d.      Write
8.        Rini          : Sweep the floor!
Tuti           : ..., I can not
a.                 Sorry
b.                Sure
c.                 Allright
d.                Certainly
9.        How do you spell ARMA?
a.       Ai - a: - en - ai
b.      E i- a:- en- ai
c.       Ai- a:- em- ei
d.      Ei- a:- em- ei
10.    I spell my name: (ei)- (em)-(i)-(el)
a.       Amil
b.      Amel
c.       Abel
d.      Aril
11.    Ando        : Where is Ana?
Atik          : She is in the ... (kantin)
a.       Library
b.      Classroom
c.       Canteen
d.      Mosque
12.    ... the floor, please!
It is very dirty.
a.       Sweep
b.      Run
c.       Open
d.      Send
13.    Choose the correct instruction!
a.       Get me chalk, please?
b.      Get me chalk, please.
c.       Can you get chalk!
d.      Get me chalk, please!
14.    Arrange into good sentence!
Could- please- ? -, - help –me- you
a.       Could please, help me you?
b.      Could you help me, please?
c.       Help you could me, please?
d.      Help could you me, please?
15.    Tomorrow is  my birthday.
You say ...
a.       Congratulation
b.      Happy birthday
c.       Happy holiday
d.      Good luck
16.    Arya goes to school by ... (sepeda)
a.       Motorcycle
b.      Car
c.       Bicycle
d.      Bus
17.    “ 3 buku baru” in English is ...
a.       Three old books
b.      Three pens
c.       Three new pencils
d.      Three new books
18.    Mira and I .... English. (belajar)
a.       Study
b.      Studies
c.       Studying
d.      Studied
19.    A: How ... you?
B: I am fine.
a.       is
b.      Am
c.       Are
d.      Was
20.    Arya: ... are you come from?
Andi: I come from Cilacap
a.       When
b.      What
c.       Why
d.      Where

II.               Answer the questions below!

21.    Adin: Good afternoon, Ton!
Toni  : ..............
22.    How do you spell (dieja)?
a.       Give
b.      Sleep
23.    Translate into English!
a.       Senang bertemu denganmu!
b.      Selamat tingal!
24.    Arrange the words into good sentences!
a.       Live-I-Anggrek-on-street
b.      Are-how-you-today-?
25.    Complete these instructions below!
a.       Clean the blackboard, .....!
b.      ... the rubbish into the rubbishbin, please!

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